Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony

Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony
Fast food revelations and mc-beatdown.
By Rev. J. Sleestaxx

Mar 7:22
adultery, greed, evil, deceit, debauchery, envy, slander, pride, and folly.

Today I am going to tell a story and talk about gluttony.

Fat people in line and a slow drive through bring me to get very angry and impatient. So this is the holiday season. The season of crass commercialism and giving. The season of shopping and eating poorly. Lucky for us the have perfected the eating poorly part to an art form.
Now you can get all the saturated fat and fake potatoes you can stomach.

Luk 7:34
The Son of Man has come eating and drinking, and you say, ‘Look at him, a glutton and a drunk, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!’

We in deed and in spirit want to do the right thing but we are lost in pride, money lust, and sloth and so we stop at the place that is painted gold and red and offers many slow killers all prefixed with MIC.

Isa 58:7
I want you to share your food with the hungry and to provide shelter for homeless, oppressed people. When you see someone naked, clothe him! Don’t turn your back on your own flesh and blood!

Their fucking soulless marketing people began attacking the children so that as the generations got older they would know where to go for food. The bastards made fun characters and story lines so that the kids began identifying with this mega giant early on.
So here we are committing so many sins against god, personal financial freedom, our neighbor our family members and our bodies. We stop to eat at the temple of bad food and Satanism.

Everybody was hungry Moses spoke to god; god said that he would feed his people.
Exo 16:16 “This is what the Lord has commanded: ‘Each person is to gather from it what he can eat, an omer per person according to the number of your people; each one will pick it up for whoever lives in his tent.’” The Israelites did so, and they gathered – some more, some less. When they measured with an omer, the one who gathered much had nothing left over, and the one who gathered little lacked nothing; each one had gathered what he could eat.
Some saved a portion till the next morn and found it had spoiled and was infested with worms and maggots

If you can not guess I was X-Mass shopping and I stopped for something that could sedate the demon in the pit of my stomach screaming and growling it's discomfort.

Isa 29:8
It will be like a hungry man dreaming that he is eating, only to awaken and find that his stomach is empty. It will be like a thirsty man dreaming that he is drinking, only to awaken and find that he is still weak and his thirst unquenched. So it will be for the horde from all the nations that fight against Mount Zion.

The throng of people pushing and shoving was like they were all waiting to be blessed by the pope himself. They were all jockeying for position and protecting their position.
I am standing in line and this 5 foot 5 inch tall lady who was 3 feet wide and 3 feet thick cut in line in front of me. She and the three dogs fighting under her moo moo made me throw up a little in my mouth. I honestly have heard this analogy before but never knew or could even draw the image in my feeble mind. But here it was in front of me. When she stepped her ass cheek would lift to her shoulder blade and then fall.

Luke 6:25
“Woe to you who are well satisfied with food now, for you will be hungry.
“Woe to you who laugh now, for you will mourn and weep.

Ma'am the line is back there
No sonny your line is back there I am in a hurry and I need to go.
No ma'am your line is back there I am in a hurry too.
Listen preacher you can wait while I order

Mat 11:19
The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Look at him, a glutton and a drunk, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!’ But wisdom is vindicated by her deeds.”

No, you look like you could wait a century before you would starve to death and you will go back to the end of the line.

Isa 9:20
They devoured on the right, but were still hungry, they ate on the left, but were not satisfied. People even ate the flesh of their own arm!

She went to slap me and I held up the bible and tapped her forehead.
You are healed and the demon Beelzebub is commanded to leave you. You are to renounce the evil sins of gluttony and stop eating so much food.
You are commanded by god to commit one good deed in his name of the lord before you can eat any meals and she stopped. She looked at me and cried. The lady in line next to me now that was way too much.

Deu 21:20
They must declare to the elders of his city, “Our son is stubborn and rebellious and pays no attention to what we say – he is a glutton and drunkard.”

You just shoved your religion down her throat.
Better a little word of the lord than another fucking five hamburgers to clog her heart and cause her to loose her feet to diabetes.
But you can not do that!

Luke 6:22
“Blessed are you when people hate you, and when they exclude you and insult you and reject you as evil on account of the Son of Man! 6:23 Rejoice in that day, and jump for joy, because your reward is great in heaven. For their ancestors did the same things to the prophets.

Oh yes I can and I brought the bible down on top of her head and dropped her to her knees.
Do you not see the lord right now telling me to beat the word into you??
She shook her head and I brought the bible across her cheek.

Deu 28:48
instead in hunger, thirst, nakedness, and poverty you will serve your enemies whom the Lord will send against you. They will place an iron yoke on your neck until they have destroyed you.

She froze. She looked at me then to my right and then said "Oh lord how I have forgotten you and your word. Oh lord forgive me and my sinning ways." the fat lady helped the other lady up and they left together, weeping and praying.

Deu 30:1
“When you have experienced all these things, both the blessings and the curses I have set before you, you will reflect upon them in all the nations where the Lord your God has banished you. 30:2 Then if you and your descendants turn to the Lord your God and obey him with your whole mind and being just as I am commanding you today, 30:3 the Lord your God will reverse your captivity and have pity on you. He will turn and gather you from all

Gluttony is not just eating too much, but also eating too little, or eating too extravagantly. Really gluttony is the act of putting too much emphasis on the act of eating food. These people in line for food had put so much in the act of getting food that hey did not see the lord standing there beating the shit out of these two women.
The fast food Mecca is a temple for the demon Beelzebub.
This place should be avoided at all costs. They charge too much and they fail to distribute the wealth. They fail to assist in community projects other than that which they can use to further their own cause.

Luke 6:24
“But woe to you who are rich, for you have received your comfort already.

We need to remember that the body is a temple to the lord for the lord to reside in. And if you fill that with too much saturated fat the lord can not live and then you are alone

30:15 “Look! I have set before you today life and prosperity on the one hand, and death and disaster on the other. 30:16 What I am commanding you today is to love the Lord your God, to walk in his ways, and to obey his commandments, his statutes, and his ordinances. Then you will live and become numerous and the Lord your God will bless you in the land which you are about to possess. 30:17 However, if you turn aside and do not obey, but are lured away to worship and serve other gods, 30:18 I declare to you this very day that you will certainly perish! You will not extend your time in the land you are crossing the Jordan to possess. 30:19 Today I invoke heaven and earth as a witness against you that I have set life and death, blessing and curse, before you. Therefore choose life so that you and your descendants may live! 30:20 I also call on you to love the Lord your God, to obey him and be loyal to him, for he gives you life and enables you to live continually in the land the Lord promised to give to your ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.”

I just want to remind you all that the fatter you are the harder it is to get a punch in. You all need to get fit so that you can help in the fight to beat the sinners down and into the pits of hell.
You all need to think like warriors and be prepared to fight the good fight and fight for what is right and just like the word of god.
Please remember that we are a community and that as communities we need to stop and make sure that our neighbors are ok and that everyone in the community is getting along.
We have forgotten some of the others in the community during this holiday season.
We have many members that have lost their jobs and are in need of work.
Go and yell at each other in parking lot you fucking monkeys.

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Like A Monkey With A Handgun
By Rev. J. Sleestaxx
Release date: By 3 December, 2007..

With A Mouthful Of Razorblades
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Penis Panic By Rev. J. Sleestaxx

Penis panic
Genital retraction syndrome (GRS), generally considered a culture-specific syndrome, is a condition in which an individual is overcome with the belief that his/her external genitals—or also, in females, breasts—are retracting into the body, shrinking, or in some male cases, may be imminently removed or disappear. A penis panic is sometimes a mass hysteria event or panic in which males in a population suddenly exhibit symptoms of genital retraction syndrome.
Penis panics have occurred around the world, most notably in Africa and Asia. Local beliefs in many instances assert that such syndromes are often fatal.
Genital retraction syndrome in Southeast Asia is known as Koro (Malaysian/Indonesian), which means "head of a turtle", apparently due to the similarity in appearance of a retracted penis to the appearance of a turtle withdrawing its head (Cheng 1996). In Chinese, the term used for the condition is the Chinese term Shook yang (suo yang, ??). Outbreaks of Koro in China were reported in 1948, 1955, 1966, 1974 and 1984/85, although none have been reported in the 20 or so years since (Tseng 2006).
In cases where the fear of the penis being retracted is secondary to other conditions, psychological diagnosis and treatments are under development. It is becoming increasingly clear that these forms of mass hysteria are more common than previously thought.
The phenomenon is often, but not always, associated with occult belief, such as witchcraft. These panics frequently, but not exclusively, occur in places where access to education—particularly in science and human biology—is limited, or otherwise restricted (for example, when government policies restrict such education). Others have been reported under the influence of drug use. (Compare with castration anxiety.)

These uneducated men are suffering from Penis panic. they are afraid that if left alone their penis' will up and disappear. Poof gone. They are very attached to their penis' they feel their penis is their power. It is their man hood embodied in a fleshy organ.
They should be and would be more scared if they knew that the loss of their penis would mean the loss of a seat in heaven. That is right your penis is your ticket to heaven

Penis Panic In religion
Gen 17:14
Any uncircumcised male who has not been circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin will be cut off from his people – he has failed to carry out my requirement.”

Why "cut off" and "circumcised" are in the same sentence i do not know, but it scares me.
None the less What the lord is saying treat ones self as a temple, be prepared to receive the lord and keep clean the temple of the lord.

Deu 23:1
A man with crushed or severed genitals may not enter the assembly of the Lord.

The lord wants a man to be a man and a woman to be a woman.
The lord does not want us to be committing sacrilege or adultery. He wants us to respect our privates and the privates of others.

Deu 25:11
If two men get into a hand-to-hand fight, and the wife of one of them gets involved to help her husband against his attacker, and she reaches out her hand and grabs his genitals, 25:12 then you must cut off her hand – do not pity her.

Do not be touching the genitals of another man that is not your husband. Do not disgrace and embarrass another man other than your husband.

Penis Panic In society

Boys running around with their shit stained underwear showing. These pants are down to the point it looks uncomfortable to walk and now they are holding up their pants by holding onto their packages.
Some how they think this looks attractive to the ladies. Guys women are into clothes right? They are into looking good? They are into getting the right attraction drawn to them right? Then why would they want to be seen with you and your pants falling down?

Eze 23:20
She lusted after their genitals – as large as those of donkeys, and their seminal emission was as strong as that of stallions.

1Sa 18:25
Saul replied, “Here is what you should say to David: ‘There is nothing that the king wants as a price for the bride except a hundred Philistine foreskins, so that he can be avenged of his enemies.’” (Now Saul was thinking that he could kill David by the hand of the Philistines.)

The king thought the David could not accomplish such a goal and thus be killed trying to collect the items to marry the kings daughter. Now isn't this normal of a father he wants his daughter to be beautiful and desirable but he does not want to let her wed.

1Sa 18:27
when David, along with his men, went out and struck down two hundred Philistine men. David brought their foreskins and presented all of them to the king so he could become the king’s son-in-law. Saul then gave him his daughter Michal in marriage.

Explains why young men walk around holding their packages.

Civilized world, progressive societies, and science are Marginalizing the penis. The man's penis is no longer a useful appendage much like the appendix and the gall bladder. Kind of like how Mr. Jones thinks of his liver.
Gene splicing will replace natural selection. natural selection was there to improve the species, the strongest males got the most women and thus the strongest genes were carried on but now with gene splicing here is no need to evaluate partners just have science splice out the weak (or the poor) and the world will beco0me a new place in just a few generations.
Cloning is also a threat to procreation and linage survival. if you got good stock then why waste time with sex and pregnancy just add a couple of cells and electricity and velioa. New human same human who cares? It is a human. Now sequestered in a lab we can train it the way we want and remove all the messy things like free will, free thought, and ethics. No god? No fear of killing.
Artificial insemination why transmit diseases when sperm and egg can be brought together with turkey baste (I know obvious but it is my sermon). No need again for the penis and the messy bumping and grinding and emotions that go with the penis. They are just men they do not care they do not have emotions. blah, blah blah, puke spew.

This hatred for the penis is a trend. This desire to obscure the need for the penis is a move that I can hear the chanting on the whore-izon "Attack that penis" "Attack that penis" "Attack that penis"
The government knows the score, they have placed stop measures to thwart the penis it is called EOE equal opportunity employment. That is right, they say that corporations need to hire a certain number of women or they will be penalized for discrimination. This law alone has created corporate Koro. Companies are now looking specifically to hire women so they can appear to be more diverse.
talk to anybody who has spent anytime around women in the workplace and they will agree that women can be mean petty bullies, castrating any man at the first chance by screaming harassment. Once that card is played all bets are off and the women are in charge.
Women in the workplace (ratio shows that women are mean petty criminals)

Killing the penis and killing god are the main agenda of any modern society.
There are companies that are focused on creating Synthetic life. They can not copyright known life so they have to create it. We would not have the knowledge if god did not want us to do it. God did not want us to eat the apple but we did it. No woman did that she was jealous of the penis. Eve had penis envy and thought that eating the apple would give her a penis and instead she ruined the garden. HMMMMM
If successful proves that god did not have a hand in our creation it was a statistical anomaly how does that sound?? Instead of god we are here because of a cosmic roll of the protein dice and oh shit look what we have now.
No god would create a whole new set of rules in life why should i drive the speed limit and why should I not shoot others is there is no real repercussion. It all comes down to a reward over risk equation. We balance the weights and decide. If there is no consequence for this action then pass the ammunition!

Penis Panic??
Really do you think this is a hysteria condition or maybe the entire world and the direction of society is striking a cord deep in the male psyche. Somehow we are in touch with and in commune with the world as a whole and some how we know that the world is out to take our penis away?
You penis hating women watch your shit you all may win but deep down inside you know that you need the penis. you need the strength and the power it is the balance of the world order old and new. the penis is the way. it is the way to the assembly of god it is the way of the future.
You man marginalizing feminists, your day will come, because one day you will need the killer of dinosaurs and the bringer of food and fire and then where will you be? Where indeed? All great advances in the world and progress came from the penis. But do not be mistaken there was a woman driving that penis. We are a team. You can not do it with out us for long. You will be sorry when you have killed the last penis.

Be careful what you wish for you might get it.

Why am i talking so great about the penis? The boys are feeling castrated due to the weekly boxing matches between the boys and the girls. It seems that the girls champion has whooped so much boy ass that they called for testing. She came back NF (normal female) on the chrome test and steroid free on the blood test. You all need to get your shit together and figure it out. All of man kind is relying on you.

Fruits and vegetables are in the commons for the every one curtsey of the "Single Christians Against Bar hook ups" and the Knights of Acrimony.
Go in peace and do not kill each other in the parking lot.

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